Chemical and physical properties of Xenical

Xenical otherwise known as Orlistat has unique physical and chemical properties that make the pill most ideal for obesity management. Indeed, the medication is considered to be the one of the gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. Generic Xenical is off-white and crystalline in nature. The weight loss pill is soluble in ethanol and methanol. Unlike other active ingredient, orlistat is absolutely insoluble in water. The inactive ingredients of the medication are sodium lauryl sulfate, microcrystalline cellulose, Povidone and sodium starch Glycolate. The physical properties of this weight loss pill are in sharp contrast with other medications of the same category. It is strictly meant only for oral administration. With regards to chemical properties, its metabolites are bound to plasma proteins. The half-life of primary metabolite is three hours, whereas that of secondary metabolite is 13.5 hours. And, this happens to be the reason for its slow elimination process in the body. The general half-life of the medication is shorter and hence the dosing frequency can be in frequent intervals. Given the prolonged half-life of one of its metabolite, obese individuals with renal failure and other medical complications should be extra cautious whilst taking the pill.

Buying Xenical 120 mg from online pharmacies

Regardless of the age group, the standard dosage strength is 120mg. The recommendation to buy Xenical online from online pharmacy is to empower obese individuals purchase the pill in genuine quality. Before which, one should enable a consultation with the doctor and find out how the medication might react in his/her body. This in turn will help obese individuals to administer the pill with caution. Indeed, one can follow the prescription instructions as advised by the physician. Taking more than one pill at a time might trigger adverse effects in the body and hence individuals should restrain from doing so. Check whether the online pharmacy has a team of online doctors to clarify any queries regarding the medication. Verify the genuineness of the online pharmacy by glancing through their data collection and utilization process. Also check whether the online drug store has published all their customer policies. It is highly imperative to initiate a purchase only when you feel satisfied and convinced with the online drug store. Find out the secure nature of their payment transaction process, and the technology they have incorporated to ensure complete protection.

Getting cheap Xenical without prescription

Obese individuals can opt for Xenical without prescription only at such junctures when they are strongly convinced about the dosage strength to be purchased. First time users of the medication should never take a chance to avail the medication without a valid prescription. Even then a genuine online drug stores never encourage users to obtain the drug without prescription. Xenical 120mg can be purchased at a very cheap price from an authorized Canadian online pharmacy. People without prescription can source a valid prescription by establishing contact with the online doctors of that particular online pharmacy. In fact, by opting for this one can avail it at a free of cost. Since it is a weight loss drug, the medication is available across all online pharmacies. It is always suggested to prefer an online pharmacy that is registered and licensed in accordance with the local laws of the operating land. Moreover, customers opting to get Xenical online are bestowed with a privilege of clarifying the queries at any point of time with the online customer support team. Right from the dosage instructions to side effects one can get their queries clarified at ease. Do make it a point to have a look at the snapshots of the medication whilst purchasing.

Comparison between Xenical vs Meridia

The greatest difference between Xenical and Meridia is the time duration within which these medications trigger weight loss in the body. Meridia is comparatively faster in terms of reaction potential in the body, whereas Orlistat takes time to cause weight loss. Unfortunately Meridia causes some adverse effects in the body, which is rarely observed upon taking Xenical. Meridia does cause cardiovascular side effects whereas Orlistat doesn’t impact the cardiovascular system at any cost. Xenical diet pills can be taken for 12 weeks, whereas Meridia can be taken only for 4 weeks.

An analysis on Xenical side effects

Xenical side effects impact the gastrointestinal system, musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, respiratory system and certain psychiatric disorders. The severity of these side effects aren’t that intolerable in nature. However, in certain cases it might be serious. It generally depends on the body type. Side effects might be aggressive during the initial stages of the therapy. Generally, there is a drop in the intensity of these adverse effects, once the body get used to it. At certain junctures, when the adverse effects are very severe in nature, opting for doctor’s consultation would be the best choice.