Chemical and physical properties of Propecia

Hair loss treatment has become the need of the hour as more and more people are experiencing this condition at a younger than usual age compared to when it was more commonly seen in middle-aged or older people. The only approved drug that can aid in stopping further hair loss and regrowth the lost hair is Propecia. The drug consists of the active ingredient Finasteride, which works in men to help treat hair loss. The hair fall problem that is affecting a lot of men is male pattern baldness (MPB), wherein the hairline starts receding from the crown and temple areas which results in bald spots on the frontal are of the scalp. Getting a Propecia prescription would help tremendously in hair regrowth.

The Propecia Finasteride drug is indicated for treatment of hair loss in men only. The drug’s mechanism of action is such that it works only on men, and women may actually have hormonal side effects if they take it. The hair loss pill works by inhibiting the conversion of the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This DHT causes hair to thin and weakens the hair follicles, which in turn results in the hair fall. Taking the Finasteride pills will help suppress the DHT levels by 65-70% for up to twenty-four hours. When the drug is taken at the exact time every day, the reduced DHT levels will help to grow new hair follicles in place of the old one and consequently regrow hair. The hair loss medication will take a minimum of three months for the results to be visible when it is taken regularly. It is prescribed for long-term treatment and discontinuing the medication suddenly may result in hair loss once more.

Buying Propecia 5 mg from online pharmacies

Propecia 5 mg and 1 mg are the dosage strengths at which this drug is available. Therapy for hair loss can be commenced by taking the minimum dosage and later increasing it if it is not effective. The option to buy Propecia online is useful for many persons who are unable to get the desired dose from brick-and-mortar stores while all formulations are available in the digital space. Since the drug is indicated for long-term treatment, getting the prescription refilled through a reliable online pharmacy is easier to do. Moreover, the prescribing information would be stored digitally and anytime you require the hair loss medication, you can instantly get the online pharmacy to dispatch your order to your shipping address.

Getting cheap Propecia without prescription

Propecia generic is the go-to drug for hair regrowth. The brand version drug may be too expensive for someone who is prescribed to take the drug long-term. Hence, one can opt to get the drug cheap by going for the generic version. Both brand and generic consist of the active ingredient Finasteride and they work equally well to treat hair loss. Those who do not have a prescription but would still want to experience the benefits of taking Propecia can purchase the drug from a reliable online pharmacy. It is vital to know how exactly to take Propecia and its potential harmful effects. Regularly getting your blood tested is also important in order to monitor for an underlying health conditions.

Comparison between Rogaine vs Propecia

Roagine, which is the brand name of Minoxidal, is a topical medication that is used to treat hair loss. It is primarily prescribed for androgenic alopecia in both men and women. It is applied only on the infected areas of the scalp. Minoxidal and Propecia are both very effective in aiding hair regrowth. They work differently but display mostly positive results with long-term use. The drugs strengthen the hair follicles and also pave way for new hair follicles to take root. Discontinuing the medications will mostly result in hair loss. Rogaine may work well for people who do not show significant results from taking Finasteride. The topical Minoxidal is not free from any side effects as people may experience rashes, skin irritation or eye irritation after using it. Finasteride also has certain adverse effects, which is detailed below.

An analysis on Propecia side effects

Avoiding any severe side effects of Propecia is possible if the drug is taken exactly as prescribed. Persons taking this drug may feel loss of interest in sex, trouble with ejaculation, headache, dizziness, weakness, rashes, swelling in the hands or feet, and weakness. If there are more severe reactions, then it is advisable to get emergency medical attention. One should get a regular health check done to monitor for hormonal changes and other illnesses. Women and children should not handle the broken or crushed pills as the active ingredient can be absorbed directly through the skin. Pregnant women are at risk of the drug causing birth defects if Finasteride is handled inappropriately. With correct usage, the drug is one of the best hair loss treatments available today.