How does sibutramine work on weight loss?

Sibutramine is a potent chemical that is sold under the trade name Meridia. It is a weight loss pill that works as an appetite suppressant. It does not completely kill the appetite of a person, it just reduces it slightly, so a person can feel contented even will less amount of food. So people who can’t control the amount the food they eat can easily have a tab on their hunger pangs with the use of this pill. It should also be accompanied by a diet that is low in calories. But you might be wondering, if this pill is actually effective and if its benefits are worth the side effects. There is no need to worry as this pill has a great track record when it comes to reducing weight. This pill is available from many pharmacies and one can buy sibutramine online either with or without prescription. But it is always better to avail a doctor’s prescription so as to protect yourself from facing any side effects. When you get this pill, an information leaflet will be provided with the product. Make sure to use it by following the instructions provided on it. People who are suffering from different degree of obesity can choose a different dosage of Meridia sibutramine among the three available doses which are 5 mg, 10 mg and 15 mg. But this pill should not be used by people who have suffered allergic reactions from it in the past. It is important to know that people with eating disorder must not consume this pill. Also older citizens, especially the ones above 65 years old must also refrain from using the pill.

5 specialties of sibutramine

  • Meridia sibutramine acts centrally in the body hence it can greatly increase the satiety even when it decreases the intake of food. This is the reason many people can easily control their cravings with this pill.
  • This pill shows an effect in a very less time, typically 4 weeks which is much faster than other appetite suppressants.
  • Sibutramine is very well tolerated by many people. The probability of physical dependency is very low with this pill. So people can be worry-free while using this pill.
  • This pill also helps to release feel good hormones such as dopamine, while maintaining a person’s appetite hence they don’t feel dull or depressed because of having to control the amount of food they eat.
  • Sibutramine has only one daily dosage which is impressive because other pills need more than 1 dose to provide the same result.

But even with all the specialties exhibited by this pill, due to its potential to interact dangerously with certain medical conditions such as hypertension and heart diseases, it excludes a lot of people from the treatment. But a healthy person can safely use this pill and enjoy its benefits to a great extent. Many people swear by this pill to reduce their weight and change the way their body looks, within a short period of time.