Functional Genomics

functional_genomicsThis group focuses on post-genomic research and technologies. Current efforts are being directed towards the development of a carbohydrate-based microarray system to extend the scope of biomedical research on carbohydrate-mediated molecular recognition and anti-infection responses. As a relatively long-term project, this group has been establishing libraries of monoclonal antibodies to meet the needs of structural and functional studies of newly discovered genes or disease-related genes. These efforts will be extended to develop antibody-based biochips for large scale analysis of protein expression, post-translational modifications, and their interactions with other cellular and microbial elements.

Personnel of Functional Genomics Division


  • Denong Wang M.D., Ph.D.


  • Aili Wang M.D. (Laboratory safety manager)
  • Shaoyi Liu M.D.
  • Brian J. Trummer, Jr M.Sc
  • Huiping Zhou M.D.
  • Chao Deng Ph.D.
  • Ke Liu M.D.